Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Short List

Here's what I hope to get done before my parents come to visit/work again in 2 weeks:

Paint trim for the boys' room
Paint stripes in the boys' room
Paint chalkboard wainscot in the boys' room
Clean and turn on the heater
Buy area rug for living room
Strip and paint trim in master closet
Strip doors
Hang succulent baskets on front porch
Build compost bin
Paint dining room walls
Begin door repairs
Strip door frames

And yes, I am laughing at myself as I type this. There is just no way. But one can hope!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The List: Backyard

So, my original List was woefully inadequate. Thus, I'm making a new one! One section of the house at a time, starting with the backyard because a couple of things back there are currently priority #1. The List is somewhat prioritized... although once I get past the first few things it is hard to know what will feel most important.

Finish assembling playset and put in wood chips Make composter Finish clearing out dead vines, runaway trees Make raised garden bed
Plant ornamental landscaping, including privacy screen vines
Fill in holes, backfill along play perimeter
Reseed grass
Build shed
Paint clothesline poles
Install pavers under clothesline area
Prune fig tree
Create seating areas
Create hanging planters

We actually have a friendly little squirrel who hangs around. Maybe we can get him to pitch in?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Delicious dining rooms

I'm having some dining room difficulties... these images have helped to give me a little direction. I see that I am drawn to dining rooms that are elegant yet comfortable, vivacious, colorful, warm places that inspire the appetite for food, company and conversation.